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Led a team of 17 members as the lead and only designer for the Summer Hackathon. Our project was a top five finalist in two regions and won 5 awards including: Judges Choice Award & The Biggest Heart Award

Published the team's weekly update to Design Leadership to free up time for the team's overall Design Manager to complete other tasks.

Published my own weekly updates as well as design notes that kept my team informed on the progress of my project & the key findings.

Assisted in the creation of a Social Justice Manifesto for our team and corresponding call to action posters prompting equitable design in VR.

Collaborated with the Project Manager, Researchers, Designers, & Developers to design & brainstorm new features that aligned with provided constraints and met people's needs.

Proposed a new feature to help people connect with unavailable friends already playing in VR that was added to the team's future roadmap.

Conducted a thorough audit of all of the team's current social features and a competitive analysis & created charts and visuals to help break down these features and the analysis to other teammates.  

Designed multiple iterations of a new feature that easily launches people on FB messenger into VR games with their friends.

Participated in weekly team design critiques in order to give and get feedback on new Social Experience features

Designed the final screen for a feature within the Oculus App that was showcased at Facebook Connect on September 16th, 2020.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I can not share any unreleased work or iterations from this project.

Social VR

This year Oculus announced the roll out of many new social features at Facebook Connect. One of the features allows people to join their friends in VR from FB messenger.


An invite can be sent to a person's FB messenger from VR. Once the person clicks on the invite, they are taken to a page that prepares them to launch them into the experience. This page alerts them of the party they are joining. They are told where the party is, how many people are invited to the party, how many people are in the party, and who is leading the party. A headset is auto selected for you, but you are able to change this if needed. 


My internship project allowed me to aid in designing key screens from this experience.

A portion of my intern project shown at Facebook Connect.

June 2020 - August 2020

Primary Tool 

Project Team


PM: Meekhal

Design: Marina, & Andrew

Dev: Tian, Xiaowei, & Alex

I worked on the Social Experiences team within Oculus to improve the experience of playing with friends in Virtual Reality.

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