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I redesigned a 15 year old internal web based tool that employees use to complete various search functions.  

Research / Interaction Design / Visual Design

UX Design Intern

The Home Depot

Facebook Oculus

I designed new features to improve the experience of playing with friends in VR. 

Virtual Reality / Interaction Design / Visual Design

Product Design Intern


Grocery store self-service kiosks stores were made accessible for users with visual impairments.  

Research / Design / Interaction Design / Voice User Interface

Class Group Project

Morgan Chin is a designer that specializes in empathizing with users in order to tell their stories visually.

Incoming Product Designer at Facebook Reality Labs

Previously at Cisco Meraki & The Home Depot

An all encompassing teacher planner that reduces planning time for teachers. 

UX Research / UX Design

Independent Project

Teacher Plan-It

A Virtual Reality tool that allows K-5 students to look for fossil & make observations and inferences about their findings. 

Virtual Reality / UX Research / UX Design

Masters Project

Coming Soon


An application used to help women stay safe while walking alone at night.

Interaction Design / Visual Design

Class Group Project


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